Whilst we offer fully tailor made restoration packages and bespoke made to order cars wherever possible we base our restoration of the vehicles on this same high standard refurbishment programme. This provides us with a great car with all major points covered, we can then tailor suit the rest of the build to your needs using custom finishing touches like fully upholstered italian leather seats, beautiful resprays and personal embroidery.

Our tailored refurbishment programme usually always covers:

    1. Hood – top section – not cheap DIY models, these are fitted by a professional trimmer with anti shrink materials
    2. Hood – rear window section
    3. Seats re colonised or re covered – new leather and piping, designed for us by a top upholsterer and hand stitched in fine Italian leather
    4. Original Figaro CD fitted with new state of the art internal workings – can include mp3 connection, USB, record and replay plus much more, be spoke options
    5. Consoles/interior panels renovated- blast/chemical cleaned and presented as new
    6. Carpets re dyed
    7. Any small dents and scratches removed – carried out by a professional paint shop to the highest standard, can also completely re colour in any finish including glitter paints!
    8. Headlamp eyelids fitted
    9. Wheel trims restored or replaced
    10. Rear right flasher and chrome bezel replaced – the old chrome often peels
    11. Rear left flasher and chrome bezel
    12. Tappets re gapped and shaft re secured – not just checked
    13. Gasket replaced
    14. Lower wish bone left – not done by many restorers, we feel the Figaro really benefits from these parts
    15. Lower wish bone right
    16. Track rod end left front – again not done in many restorations
    17. Track rod end right front
    18. Front shocks – we use the best shocks to give the most authentic ride
    19. Rear shocks
    20. Engine flush – very important to preserve the life of the Figaro
    21. New oil
    22. Air filter – all service parts have been tested and chosen for their quality
    23. Oil filter
    24. Fuel filters
    25. Rotor arm
    26. Distributor cap
    27. Spark plugs
    28. Cam belt replaced
    29. Cam belt tensioner
    30. Water pump
    31. Brake pads
    32. Brake shoes
    33. Fog lamp
    34. Mph dial
    35. Full professional valet
    36. Six months tax
    37. Year’s MOT
    38. Fully UK registered and ready to drive away

Items below are replaced on most cars if they have any wear
Contact us for specific details on your chosen car

  1. Dash board re-trimmed
  2. Front bumpers, centre, left and right sections
  3. Rear bumpers, centre, left and right sections
  4. Rear right and left stop/tail light and bezel
  5. Front wing trims
  6. Rear wing trims
  7. All chrome mouldings and end caps
  8. Electric aerial
  9. Brake discs
  10. Steering gators
  11. CV gaitors
  12. Tyres