How Our Research Is Helping Keep Figaros on the Road


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Our mission is to make people’s dreams come true by building the best Nissan Figaros in the world.  The biggest challenge we have in delivering this is parts – and finding durable and cost effective compounds which can be made and used in place of the originals.

We are excited to announce that, after 3 years of research and development, we have now designed and created a 3D printed production clip.  These clips mean it is now possible to re-use the chrome on your Figaro when having a respray or repair undertaken.  Before now we would often see trims that were secured with glue or tape and therefore didn’t sit flush to the bodywork.  These looked unsightly and could cause rusting through leaks.  Now, if you (or we) remove your chrome trims they can be re-fitted with the right clips.  Having also, earlier this year, developed new rubber edging, these parts can look as good as new again allowing your Figaro to look really smart.

These clips are exclusive to The Figaro Shop and are available now in our online Parts Shop and can be bought either individually or as a complete ‘full car’ kit.  

We love finding solutions to help keep these beautiful little cars on the road and looking good!

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