Frequently Asked Questions

We often answer questions about Figaro ownership and the most common faults. Below is a selection of these but feel free to contact us or visit our forum for lots more information

Q1 - My Figaro won't start or turn over, but the battery is not flat?

Answer – The most common issue with the starting of the cars is the Inhibitor bush getting worn. When this wears the car has to be put into neutral to start, see our How To Guide to fix this issue. If this doesn’t solve the problem try to test the battery.

Q3 - Can a Figaro be used as an everyday car?

Answer – Many owners we meet use there cars for everyday use. That’s not to say that they wont last longer if they are used less frequently. Its more important to look after the car than to not use it, where its parked and how its maintained is much more relevant. Contact us for any ownership advice.

Q5 - How much does servicing cost?

Answer – A basic annual service usually costs from £100-£200 depending on whats being done however maintenance can vary widely depending on condition. A well restored car may go periods of up to five years without any extra costs, in comparison an average car may have annual costs of £500-£1000. Contact us or have a look in our service and MOT section for more information.

Q7 - Are parts easily available?

Answer – We offer pretty much every parts for the Figaro, most on a next day delivery from our online shop. A wide range of the parts are readily available and the more specialist ones can be sourced

Q9 - Do you send parts abroad?

Answer – We are sending out parts all over the world on a daily basis, anything from a washer to an engine!

Q2 - What's the most important thing to look out for when buying a car?

Answer – The most expensive areas to repair can be the chassis, what looks like minor rust, or a panel that wont align can often be hiding a multitude of sins and can cost thousands of pounds to repair. Check the cars you look at carefully especially the sills and rear wheel arches. Have a look at our case study on rust.

Q4 - Has the Figaro got a back seat?

Answer – Yes, its not very big but there is a rear bench seat with two three point seat belts.

Q6 - How do I open the hood on my new car?

Answer – The hood is manual but easy to open, try our video guide as a start….

Q8 - Can I drive on the motorway?

Answer – Of course, the Figaro is a full size car based on a Nissan Micra chassis so drives as well and as safely as another Nissan. Its not in any way a high speed car but is completely practical.

Q10 - Are Figaros available with different options, like a manual gearbox?

Answer – The short answer is no. The Figaro was pretty much an identical product with only colour that changed. Any extras over above the small selection of trims which were available at the time are likely to have been added by a previous owner or restorer. Have a look at our bespoke cars for inspiration.