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Meet Christian!

Many of you will know Christian Brooks, who has been at The Figaro Shop for over 4 years now.  He’s just been promoted from Sales Manager to Business Manager so we thought it would be good for you to know a bit more about him.   
Over the years he’s been at The Figaro Shop Christian has run every department in the company at various points, so he really does know it all inside and out.  The breadth and depth of his Figaro experience will mean he can really help you no matter what your requirements are.

Christian’s dad ran a bodyshop, so growing up around cars and motorbikes means that a love of cars is really in his blood.  After some time in his teens living in Spain he came back to the UK and worked for VW in sales, before moving to The Figaro Shop where he already knew several team members via their shared passion for cars.  He now lives in Oxfordshire with his wife and Blue, his French Bulldog, and often spends weekends at car meets like Caffeine & Machine.

Christian has always embraced the culture of continued learning and improvement that we have here and has been instrumental in training and bringing on many of our staff and sharing his expertise.  We are lucky to have him.  His passion for these iconic little cars and drive to make our customers’ dreams come true should ensure a seamless and supportive customer experience for you.  

Do give him a call for help or advice, or just to chat about all things Figaro!

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