Figaro New Rear Leather Seats – Fluted Design




The re-trim service we offer for  Figaro seats are all hand made from a fine Italian leather hide we have flown in especially for ourselves, it’s then cut and stitched using the original seats as a pattern.  It’s not a standard kit which may be baggy or need any adjustment .

The rear seats are our very own custom fluted design to match the front seats.The foam we use for the seats is 3mm thicker than the original Nissan foam and is a bespoke design to ensure that the flutes in the seat are pert and stay that way as well as giving the car a ‘new’ feel.
The seats are also piped to match the colour of your car.
These award winning seats really are on a level of their own and are the ultimate in luxury they really need to be seen and sat in to be appriciated!
These seats are on an exchange basis and will have a 14 day or less turn around due to each set of seats being bespoke.

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Weight 10 kg


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