Full Car Health Check and Evaluation

“My Figaro needs some TLC” was a request we received all the time, we have developed these systems to help our clients improve their Figaros and make it easy for them to decide exactly the best way to improve or restore their cherished classic.

Would you like to receive FREE advice from the worlds most experienced Figaro experts? The value of these services, if charged would be over £200.


Here at The Figaro Shop we have two options for you:

  • For those looking to keep their Figaro roadworthy and safe we offer a Free “Mechanical Health Check”.
  • For those looking to Restore their Figaro and improve upon not only the mechanical but the cosmetic as well, we offer our Free “Full Evaluation”.


During the FREE Mechanical Health Check process, we spend 2 hours assessing your Figaro’s mechanical and structural condition. We then present you with a thorough and detailed traffic light report.


During the Free Full Evaluation process, we spend several hours assessing your Figaro’s condition both inside and out, and then present you with a thorough and detailed Full Evaluation Report. Over many years we have developed what we feel is the clearest way to tell you about your cars condition and help you to prepare it, so that your stunning classic car suits your needs. Whether that be a stunning show car or a daily driver we will know the best areas to work on.


On arrival at our shop one of our team will greet you to discuss your needs, your aims and your goals. Following this our technicians, who have in excess of 45 years Figaro experience will quickly spot any items that may need some attention. We will advise any recommendations, whether mechanical or cosmetic, the report is always provided without obligation.

Our newest report system is available using multi medias and online – enabling you to access and consider any issues from the comfort of your living room via your laptop, tablet, and internet connection!

The reports are completely itemised and will list the condition over every aspect of the car and we will let you know what items are of concern and should be dealt with asap. We also recommend various aspects of the car which could be completed to improve the look, drivability and ultimately the value of your Figaro.

Each report is private and password protected so each Figaro has its own dedicated web pages.
Our reports will give you a complete overview of your Figaro’s condition, they include a cosmetic and mechanical video with a commentary from the technician. There is also a traffic light system to help indicate the most urgent areas of wear and tear.
On top of this the report includes quotes for the entirety of the works and this can be adjusted to suit your needs.
Once you receive and digest the report our team will call you to answer any questions or explain any points you would like us to.

So, do bring your Figgy to us now for your new multi-media, FREE Figaro Mechanical or Full Evaluation Health Check!