Service and Workshop

We can do anything you need on your Nissan Figaro, from general servicing and MOT’s to engine rebuilds. We know the cars really well working on them all the time and can check the issues that often appear and make sure your car leaves with a full bill of health. We often have general garages send the cars though to us as they can struggle with parts and faults. There’s not a fault we haven’t solved! And being specialists with years of experience working on Figaros we enjoy addressing the particular needs of these cars.

workshop-engineSome aspects of owning a car and preventing costly repairs are well known such as replacing the cambelt and doing regular serving but through our expertise with Figaros which know the rest of the issues and what to look out for to ensure you can have the maximum enjoyment from your car.

We can provide a full evaluation of your cars mechanical and cosmetic condition providing you with an online report of the works that should be addressed asap and works the can improve the look and drive-ability of your car.  – View the Figaro Report

Our workshop also re-manufactures now obsolete parts such as steering racks, alternators, starter motors & engines which can be supplied and fitted through our workshop or sold online for mail order through our Parts Shop.

workshop-shineyIf you like the presentation of our cars and would like to bring yours up to this exceptional standard we can provide a full Nissan Figaro refurbishment programme tailored specially for your car and your budget – we know where best to spend the money. Talk to us about your Figaro and the look you want to achieve.

We can provide a whole range of options to suit your budget and will advise you on the possibilities available to enhance your look, from a small chrome replacement, dyed carpet or brand new seats to a major overhaul and even a complete new paint job to factory standards.

See our 50 step Nissan Figaro refurbishment programme for possibilities or check out the Nissan Figaros we have on sale.

Services Offered

  • General Servicing
  • MOT’s
  • Brakes
  • Suspension
  • Engine Rebuilds
  • Fault Diagnostics
  • Tyres and Tracking
  • Preventative Work
  • Crash Repair
  • Rust Removal and Panel Repairs
  • Central Locking, Alarms and Imobilisers
  • Fixing Steering Racks