Sunny days, Figaro Rallies, Country Lawns and Picnics. Yes we miss them too and last years events seem such a long time ago. We want to invite you to the the first event of its type.

We will be opening our doors to give you complete unrestricted access to our workshops and facilities. Our team will be giving a guided tour and showing you the techniques we use in order to keep these great cars on the road. Following the tour we will be driving, in convoy from our workshops in Didcot to the picturesque ‘Stonor Park’ which is around a 30 minute drive to Henley-on-Thames.
At the park we will have access to the house, all grounds and their Wonder Woods. The pantry will be open to serve hot and cold food or for those who prefer can bring a picnic.

The event will be on Sunday May 14th, between 10am and 2pm. We will be able to accommodate a maximum of 50 cars so please book early to avoid disappointment! The cost for the event is £11 per person including entry to Stonor Park. Please click the link below the pictures to register your name and Figaro registration. Stonor Park are well practised in car rallies and shows, we will be the first Figaro one. We have 8 buildings on our site and we will be giving a guided tour of all of them. We will also serve refreshments. You will have complete access to our team, who will explain their job role and skills. We love meeting you all and want to show you how we express our creativity and appreciation for the Figaro brand. You really cant beat a car rally through the stunning Oxfordshire Countryside

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