Full Car Health Check and Valuation

We spend several hours assessing your Figaro’s condition, both inside and out, and then present you with a thorough and detailed Full Inspection Report.

Our expert team will quickly spot any items that may need some attention and any recommendations, whether mechanical or cosmetic, are always provided without obligation.

These reports are available online – enabling you to access and consider any issues from the comfort of your living room via your laptop, tablet, and internet connection!

The reports are completely itemised and will list the condition over every aspect of the car and we will let you know what items are of concern and should be dealt with asap and also various aspects of the car which could be completed to improve the look, drivability and ultimately the value of your Figaro.

Each report is private and password protected for the Figgy owner only but these reports will give you a complete overview of your Figaro’s condition and allows us to advise you on the best course of action for repair or restoration.

So, do bring your Figgy to us now for your new fully-digitised FREE Figaro Health Check!