A Nissan Figaro Buyer’s Guide: 5 Top Tips


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What to look for if you’re thinking of buying a Nissan Figaro

A Brief Buyer’s Guide – 5 Top Tips 


What’s a reasonable Nissan Figaro price?

There’s a big gap between the average, driveable Figaro, and a completely restored example in show room condition (some have been known to fetch up to £40,000!), but an example in standard/good condition with a full service history and MOT should set you back around £15,000.

Where can I find a Nissan Figaro for sale?

Nissan have long since stopped producing new Nissan Figaros, but thanks to their enduring popularity among classic car enthusiasts, there are still many thousands out there to choose from. Your main options are buying from an independent garage, buying from a specialist dealer like The Figaro Shop, or buying privately. A good garage or dealer will put the Figaro through a thorough inspection and testing process and offer a warranty. While usually a slightly pricier option, buying from a dealer gives you peace of mind that experts have checked it over and the legal right to a refund if the car is not roadworthy.


So now you’ve tracked down the Figaro that fits your budget, tastes and requirements, it’s time to check that you’re really investing in the right car for you. You are, no doubt, keen to hunt down the best possible Figaro so we strongly recommend that you inspect and test drive any prospective purchases as thoroughly as possible. This little car has just passed its thirtieth birthday and it’s common to see wear and tear of the inside and out, with features like the electric windows, brakes and power steering starting to fail, and mechanical issues. While most of these are easy to rectify, it comes at a cost, and having to do so will add to your spending budget in the long run.

Although obviously not an exhaustive list, we’ve put together the following ‘top 5 things’ checklist which should put you well on the way to choosing a great little car that you can spend many comfortable, enjoyable years cruising around in.

Before you head off…

  1. You don’t want to buy a rust bucket! With a car this age it’s important to fully inspect for rust over the bodywork, and particularly under the wheel arches, around the bumpers and around the petrol cap. If possible try to get under the car as well. Rust repair isn’t hard but it’s time consuming and expensive. More seriously it can be a sign of neglect and poor maintenance. Don’t be too put off by small dents and scratches, these are to be expected on cars of a certain age and are easily sorted.


  1. While used cars are inevitably prone to wear and tear, check for rips and tears in the upholstery and all seat mechanisms, as these are expensive to repair. Is the folding roof free of cracks and rust and sliding smoothly? Check everything electric. While windows, radio, air conditioning and heaters etc are usually fixed easily, lots of faulty electronics could help you assess the car’s maintenance history and even haggle on the price.

Take it for a spin…

  1. Does the engine start ok from cold and keep running smoothly without halting or stalling? You don’t want to be replacing the battery or alternator any time soon. Also check the temperature gauge while you’re driving – if it rises quickly then this could be because the engine is overheating – a sign of a potentially serious and expensive problem! Take a minute to listen to the engine ticking over. You’re investing in a chic city run-around, not a tractor, so you want to hear it purr, with no pinging, tapping or knocking sounds. Rough and noisy engines have probably been neglected and will drive up your future maintenance costs.


  1. Checking the power steering is important in Figaros. The Nissan Figaro is a lightweight car and handling it with power steering should be smooth, silent and effortless. It’s a bad sign if the wheel feels heavy. Likewise, if the car is pulling to one side then this is a sign of misaligned wheels. Confirm this by examining the trye tread, which should be even.


  1. Listen to the transmission carefully and take the Figaro through its three gear changes slowly and methodically. Gear shifts should be smooth and seamless. Odd sounds, shaking and grinding are signs of a gearbox in need of service, adding to your ultimate Nissan Figaro price.


We will end on this – don’t be rushed into buying the first Figaro you see. The Nissan Figaro is a great little car for having fun in, and picking the right one for you should be part of the fun, too. Many independent Nissan Figaro dealers across the country, like The Figaro Shop, offer specialist servicing, repairs and refurbishing, so you can have a totally bespoke Figaro that truly is a car that makes your dreams come true.


If you need any more help or advice then do get in touch with us at The Figaro Shop.  We love these iconic little cars and we love talking about them!

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