The NIssan Figaro Shop


“My Figaro needs some TLC” was something we heard all the time from people who were unsure what condition their car was in and how best to improve it.  In response we developed our unique evaluation system to help clients decide exactly the best way to improve or restore their cherished classic.

Would you like to receive FREE advice from the world’s most experienced Figaro experts? The value of these services, if charged would be over £200.

We offer two types of evaluation:

  • For those looking to keep their Figaro roadworthy and safe we offer a Free “Mechanical Health Check”. We spend 2 hours assessing your Figaro’s mechanical and structural condition and then present you with a thorough and detailed report.
  • For those looking to restore their Figaro and improve upon not only the mechanical but the cosmetic as well, we offer our Free “Full Evaluation”. We spend several hours assessing your Figaro’s condition, both inside and out, and then present you with a full report.

All reports are available via a password protected login on our website and include a video ‘talk through’ of your vehicle by one of our expert technicians and a complete, itemised ‘traffic light’ report on its condition with any recommendations for work to be undertaken.

Interested in our Restoration service? Get a Free Evaluation today…