Figaro Beauty Duty!


Sometimes we all need a bit of pampering – even our Figaros, so we have a few items that will help to make your car look even more gorgeous this summer.  

First up we have our eyelids.  These enhance and individualise the look of the headlights and are very easy to fit.  They were an original accessory from Nissan which we have now remade in polished stainless steel.  

Secondly, every car needs a parking stick.  This is another rare accessory, now remade by The Figaro Shop, designed to help you see the front of the car when parking.  It’s often a real talking point when you take a Figaro out for a drive with one fitted!

And finally, who could get through summer without a luggage rack on which to put your perfect picnic hamper for days out?  This rack is aluminium or stainless steel with wood slats, is designed to fit perfectly, and easily, onto the upper boot/trunk and is totally removable when not in use.

To make your ‘beauty duty’ even better we have created a package so if you buy all three items together you will make a saving of nearly 10% until the 15th August 2022 using the code SUMMER22.  Details of the packages are in our online shop when you search ‘Summer Beauty’.

It’s time for a car spa….you owe it to your Figaro!

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