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Figaro Owners Club 2023 Luxembourg Rally

Figaro Owners Club recently hosted a breathtaking four-day rally through the stunning landscapes of the Ardennes.

The event kicked off on a Sunday in May and saw 21 fine and dandy Figaro’s travel on a tailor-made experience through Luxembourg and the Mossel area. The rally was expertly organised in collaboration with Tour des Ardennes and everyone had a truly wonderful experience.

Kevin and Sue, Founders of The Figaro Owners Club set off in a convoy of six from a beautiful Chateau in Marche-en Framenne, Belguim. This was the main meeting place for lunch in the town of Houffallise, Belgium.  The weather was superb seeing plenty of tops down on the drive. The lunch meeting spot was buzzing with people, cars and motorbikes and lunch was superb. Little time to rest as the convoy travelled on to the main venue hotel, an hour away and situated in Vianden Luxembourg. The town is on the Our River, in the Ardennes region and is known for the centuries-old hilltop Vianden Castle, completely stunning.

Day two named ‘Wines and Castles’ and within a short time the convoy reached their first castle in Beaufort. A beautiful 17th-century medieval building with an idyllic pond to the rear. The weather was again fantastic; roofs down, flags flying, perfect Figaro weather. The Chateau Lorochette was the next castle on the route and then on to lunch at a pretty café named Auberge du Lac located by a river.

Back in the Figaro’s and the team found themselves slowly climbing higher and higher with countless hairpin bends, slightly scary sheer drops over the Vineyards below and breathtaking views of the Morsel River. This is when it paid to have a rally as there was no way you would attempt such a road with 20 cars behind you, unless you knew there would be no one coming the other way!

The next day saw the group head to Kautenback and to a Brasserie “La Sapiniere” for lunch. Another very pretty drive through amazing roads which were sprinkled with wind turbines. Unfortunately, this is where one of the cherished Figaro’s broke down. 

Christian from The Figaro Shop had been engaging in discussions with the owner a few weeks prior to the event, attentively addressing concerns about the vehicle. Christian suspected a weak alternator based on the description.  A call to Maz, who heads up our parts department, and he quickly recognised the importance of swift resolution! Maz mobilised his resources to ensure the Figaro owner could get back on the road as quickly as possible. The determination and efficiency of Maz meant within a mere 24 hours, a new alternator was sourced, shipped, and installed, resurrecting the faltering Figaro and reuniting it with the rally convoy!

Memories Carved in the Ardennes, The Figaro Owners Club’s four-day rally through the Ardennes was a testament to the spirit of adventure, camaraderie, and resilience that defines the Figaro community. From the meticulously planned routes to the breathtaking landscapes and unexpected breakdown, every twist and turn provided an opportunity for owners and their cars to forge unforgettable memories. The Figaro Owners Club and Tour des Ardennes created a truly unique and engaging experience, allowing participants to explore the wonders of the Ardennes while sharing their love for the iconic Figaro; and we are delighted we got to be a part of it in spirit, expertise and parts!

For all the details and all the photos of the rally head to Kevin’s blog at The Figaro Owners Club.

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