Free TLC For Your Figaro!


Free TLC for your Figaro! One of the most common things that Figaro owners say to us is “my Figaro needs some TLC” but they are not exactly sure what work is needed.  Our free Figaro evaluation service was developed in response to this.  Our expert team offer two types of evaluation – one is a ‘mechanical health check’ to keep your Fig roadworthy and safe, the other is a ‘full evaluation’ that runs checks on cosmetic as well as mechanical areas of the car.  Both are totally free of charge, and undertaken by our Figaro experts.  You are provided with a detailed video and item by item ‘traffic light’ report on the condition of your car via our customer portal, with our recommendations on how to solve any issues. There is no obligation to have the recommended work undertaken by us at the end, although obviously we would be happy to do it.  The value of these services, if charged, would be over £250. To book your free evaluation and keep your Fig running in tip top condition get in touch now #figaro #nissanfigaro #freeevaluation

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