Happy 30th Birthday Figaro!


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It was Valentine’s Day in 1991 when Nissan first held a lottery for the chance to buy a brand new retro car.  The lottery was massively oversubscribed – even after they increased the production run from 8,000 to 20,000 cars. And so the Nissan Figaro was born.  Last Sunday, on Valentine’s Day, the car that so many fell in love with turned 30 years old and The Figaro Shop couldn’t let that pass without marking the moment. Our love for the Figaro lies in its quirkiness and coolness.  Unquestionably a design-led car, its luxurious art-deco style leather interior and retro appearance is totally ‘fun-led’ in focus which is why so many feel an emotional attachment for it.  Figaros appeal to car lovers who aren’t afraid to make a style-statement and who have a real ‘joie de vivre’ about them that they see reflected in their choice of car.  Their iconic and well-loved status is well earned as they have given so many people so much fun over the years and we, at The Figaro Shop, have loved being a part of that journey.  Here’s to the Figaro – happy 30th everyone!

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