How Much Does a Nissan Figaro Cost?


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“How much do I need to buy a Figaro?” is one of our most-often asked questions – and the honest truth is that you can buy a Nissan Figaro from around £4,000 but you could also spend up to £30,000+.

Why do Figaro costs vary so much?

Let’s try to break this down a bit so you can see exactly why there’s such a variation in the price of buying a Figaro. It is true that if you search online there will be Nissan Figaros for sale for c.£4,000 (or possibly even less) but they are likely to have 100,000+ miles on the clock and not be in very good condition, either inside or out. The most common things that we, at The Figaro Shop, see in terms of areas that owners will need to spend money on are things like rusting bodywork or poorly maintained engines. Given that these little cars are over 30 years old if they have not been well maintained they are also often not watertight. These do often end up requiring owners to spend an additional amount on trying to remedy them, having purchased a cheaper Fig to start with. However if you are working to a limited budget, and happen to be particularly handing fixing up cars this may be the best route for you.

Our approach is pitched more towards the middle to upper end of the “what does it cost to buy a Figaro?” price range. We are the first to admit that we don’t sell the cheapest Figs around, but that is because we have a base level quality standard below which we are unwilling to go. All of our cars are fully checked by our team of experts and examined to ensure that they meet our standards so that we can then certify them as ‘Figaro Shop Approved’. This essentially provides modern reliability in your classic car so you don’t have to worry about unforeseen extra expenditure (or a significant mechanical DIY project) as various things may need fixing or replacing.

Towards the upper end of the “what do Figaros cost?” price bracket you can then start to ‘upgrade’ various elements of your car to meet your particular wish list.   At The Figaro Shop we have laid this out as a series of upgrade packages (at Silver, Gold and Platinum levels) covering various specific areas of the cars – however many other Figaro garages will be able to offer similar ways to ‘upgrade’ various elements of your car. The different areas that you can potentially ‘upgrade’ in are the interior, servicing, leather, suspension, exterior, cooling, detail/protection or in car entertainment and security – so you can choose to spend any extra budget you may have on the areas that are most important to you to create your dream car.

At the top end of the price range, around the £30,000 mark, you would have included most (if not all) of these upgrade packages – so you would be buying a totally resprayed bespoke vehicle (in the colour of your choice), with custom Italian leather piped interior, a fully stripped down and rebuilt engine and full Apple Play technology amongst many other things.

So, to sum up, you don’t have to spend a fortune to indulge your Figaro ownership desires – if you are researching where to buy your Nissan Figaro there are various different ways you can approach it with very different costs attached. We at The Figaro Shop are definitely not for everyone looking to buy one of these iconic little cars. If you are looking for a really cheap deal and are willing to compromise on quality (and perhaps do lots of work on the car yourself), then those kind of deals can certainly be found but we are not for you. If, however, you are looking to invest in a classic car but with modern reliability already built in via our expertise – or simply would like the Fig of your dreams – then please do give us a call.

Either way you decide to go they are a fantastic little car and we wish you many fun filled Figgy driving days.

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