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Lucy’s Pink Nissan Figaro Lady Penelope

Pink is officially the most popular paint colour here at The Figaro Shop to spray your Nissan Figaro. The shade of pink varies greatly, and we love the process of getting the shade of pink just right for our clients. We have seen everything from the lightest peachy pink, to deep hot pinks, driving away from our premises in Oxfordshire looking fabulous. If you would us to spray your Nissan Figaro pink, then please contact us

Don’t own a Nissan Figaro? Do not fret, we can find you a Nissan Figaro! Our skilled engineers will then restore it and you can then pick any shade of pink your heart desires and we will do the rest.

We ship our Pink Nissan Figaro’s across the globe. Contact us for more information.

The Story of Lucy’s Pink Nissan Figaro – A Nissan Figaro built with parts from The Figaro Shop

Lucy had dreamed of owning her very own pink Nissan Figaro from the moment she passed her driving test in 2014, and in 2021 her father Darren, found the perfect car ripe for restoration

Darren found the classic 1991 Lapis Grey Nissan Figaro for sale in North London on Autotrader and he ended up purchasing the vehicle for £3000. The lady owner was sad to say goodbye to her Figaro but the central London ULEZ restrictions made it too expensive to keep and drive. Darren made a promise to keep her updated with the restoration and she was thrilled when the end result was shared.

Darren was excited about the project but knew it would be a challenge to transform the car from its current state to the pink “Lady Penelope” his daughter was imagining. Over the course of the next two years, with help from friends, Rob the mechanic, Chris a former colleague, Darren embarked on what can only be described as a truly stunning restoration.

Stripping the car right back and working on the mechanics came first. A full major service and cambelt, serviced gearbox, all new suspension and all new brakes made sure that the car would be safe and working to optimum efficiency.

Wheel bearings, steering rack and the ultimate cooling package came next and were all sourced from The Figaro Shop. The Figaro shop not only became the source of all the parts for the build, but also offered the guidance and insider knowledge through the online ‘How To Guides’ and from regular contact and advice with Maz Christofi who heads up the parts business. 

Darren said “that the expert advice provided by The Figaro Shop was invaluable to the restoration process and Maz had great ideas on how to make the car really stand out.”

One of the most challenging aspects of the restoration was upgrading the car’s exterior. Lucy had her heart set on pink and so a full repaint in bubble gum pink was undertaken that complimented the new marine grade ivory vinyl roof and new trimmed fiberglass rear window frame, both supplied by the Figaro Shop.

A long-time friend of Darren’s, Barry, fabricated and replaced arches and sills in order to have a corrosion free body before paint was applied. Once, in all it’s pink glory, genuine chrome plated bumpers, centre caps, polo’s and even all new rubber profile for the side trims were replaced with all new items making the gleaming bodywork stand out and feel like it just rolled off the production line. A few upgrades to the lighting were called for so Darren could bring Lucy’s Lady Penelope into the 21st century using The Figaro Shop’s LED lighting kits throughout.

Inside the car, every detail was upgraded, ensuring Lucy would be driving in luxury and with all the mod cons you would expect of a 2023 car.

The Figaro Shop provided custom cream Italian leather seats with pink piping to match the exterior. A carpet in old English white lines the floor elevating the sense of  luxury and pulling the whole colour scheme together.

A double-din stereo was installed using a Figaro Shop Conversion Facia Kit with a full audio update and touch panel. New front and custom fitted rear speakers with under seat subwoofer, replaced the dated original sound system.

After two years of hard work and dedication, Darren finally presented the newly restored Nissan Figaro to Lucy and she was awestruck by the transformation – a once tired Nissan Figaro had been transformed into a stunning classic car.

Lucy was over the moon with the car, especially the pink bodywork and the interior enhancements that elevated this classic car to a state beyond its 1991 factory standard. For Lucy, the car is everything she imagined and more.  The attention to detail and love that was poured into the restoration process is now clearly visible throughout the finished Figaro, now named Lady Penelope. All parts used in this build were purchased from The Figaro Shop

Build Process

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