We wanted to introduce you to some of our expert team who undertake our free evaluations for us.  This is Matt checking over a little Fig that we currently have in.  It takes Matt around three hours to look at over 90 different components on any Figaro that comes in for an evaluation.  He will look at areas including all engine and mechanical; the braking system; suspension; steering; tyres and the underbody so everything is thoroughly checked over.  When he’s finished the car goes on to see Kelton in our bodyshop.  Kelton will spend more time looking over the interior components, the in-car entertainment system and the exterior bodywork checking the condition of the various parts.

All of our findings are then loaded onto an itemised report which is available for you to access online in a private password-protected format.  It’s in an easy to read ‘traffic light system’ where we will highlight any areas of particular concern, and also make recommendations, either mechanical or cosmetic, to bring your Figaro back into the best condition it can be.  These evaluations are ideal for owners whose cars need a little TLC and so are looking to do some restoration work on them.  We will also make recommendations for how to improve the look, drivability and, ultimately the value of your Figaro.  The report will provide quotes for the various elements that need work, but the report itself is always provided free of charge and without obligation.

Please do get in touch if you’d like to book your Fig in to meet Matt!