Nissan Figaro Air Conditioning Condenser - Reconditioned/Exchange




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The Nissan Figaro was equipped with a relatively large A/C system for the size of the vehicle. The large A/C system generates a vast amount of heat as it pumps refrigerant around the system. This heat requires to be exhanged to keep the A/C system working efficiently. The job of the condenser is similar to that of a radiator. The heat generated is exchanged to the air around it to ensure the refrigerant is working at the optimal temperature and to ensure that heat exchanger cools down and condenses incoming refrigerant vapour into liquid.

Being mounted on the front of the vehicle for the most efficient cooling, the condenser is susceptible to damage for minor bumps, stones and corrosion causing the unit to crack, bend or leak rendering it inoperative, The A/C system will thus lose its pressurised gas and will not longer function.

You are now able to purchase a fully reconditioned assembly with an all new core that retains the original brackets for a direct replacement. The new condenser has been painted in a corrosion resistant paint for longevity to ensure a long and reliable life of the A/C system.

Benefits Include:

  • Remanufactured in the UK
  • Direct Replacement
  • Cost Effective
  • Coated for corrosion resistance

The condensers are sold on an exchange basis. If your original is damaged beyond repair or you are an international customer, please get in touch at for authorisation before purchasing


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Weight 6 kg
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Old Unit Sent Prior to Delivery, Old Unit Sent within 14 Days (surcharge refundable)


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