Nissan Figaro Battery Disconnect Isolator Switch




The Nissan Figaro is equipped with an analogue clock set within the dash clusters which adds to its retro theme perfectly. The analogue clock however draws a steady current when the vehicle is not being used and can cause the battery to lose charge if left unused for a week or two. If your Nissan Figaro is not a daily driven vehicle, fitting a battery isolator switch is a great way to switch the battery off to retain as much charge as possible. We also recommend when storing your vehicle for extended periods of time to purchase a trickle charger to keep the battery topped up and conditioned ready for use.

The switch for the Figaro Battery Disconnect Isolator Switch mounts directly to the NEGATIVE battery post. To disconnect the switch turn the wheel 1/4 turn anti clockwise. To re-connect turn the wheel clockwise until the wheel is tight. For added security the wheel can be completely removed.

Benefits include:

  • Isolate battery with no tools needed after installation
  • Designed to fit the small terminal battery fitted to the Nissan Figaro
  • Limits current loss from the battery when not in use
  • Easy to fit at home


Additional information

Weight 0.25 kg


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