Nissan Figaro Cambelt & Tensioner kit (Timing Belt)



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The timing belt (cambelt) is used to synchronise the valves and pistons in an engine to esnure that pistons and valves work in harmony at exactly the correct time for the engine to combust air/fuel to produce power. These extremely important reinforced toothed belts wear over time and have a service life of around 50,000 miles / 5 years (whichever comes first) with normal driving styles. If a timing belt breaks, it can cause the valves and pistons to collide causing catastrophic damage to the engines’ internal components which will be very costly to repair.

Fitting a high quality cambelt is extremely important and the item we offer is of the highest quality and comes with a tensioner bearing included which we recommend is changed at the same time. The tensioner bearing runs on the back of the timing belt and ensures smooth running of the belt at the correct tension. These belts are the exact items that are fitting by our specialist technicians when working on Nissan Figaro engines in our workshops

Click the link for our complete cambelt tensioner and water pump kit

Benefits include:

  • High quality reinforced timing belt
  • New tensioner bearing included
  • Keeps engine synchronised and safe

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