Nissan Figaro Chrome Handle Surround Kit



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The ivory shaded interior of the Nissan Figaro is one of its most recogniseable features and hosts or range of great retro design details. It is adorned with chrome, leather and vinyl to make the greatest visual impact and make you feel like you are truly driving a piece of history. Nissan chose to trim the door cards and upper roof liner in an ivory vinyl not only for its ability to withstand wear, but in order to keep manufacturing costs down making the limited number of Figaro’s viable for manufacture. The vinyl however has a tendancy of shrinking over time and can expose gaps behind the interior door handles and roof retraction handle.

Designed and manufactured for The Figaro Shop in the UK, the interior handle surround kit is designed to be fitted behind the door and roof handles to hide the shrinking and surround the handle for a perfect fit and look. Manufactured from a high grade of mirror polished stainless steel, the surround kit wil not corrode and looks perfect against the chrome and vinyl materials. The kits will come with a protective laser film attached which will need to be peeled off before fitting. This is to protect the mirror polished material.

Benefits include:

  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Simple to fit
  • Perfect laser cut fitment
  • Hides the unsightly shrinking vinyl gaps
  • Mirror Polished stainless steel


Additional information

Weight 1 kg


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