Nissan Figaro Cold idle valve, idle control unit.



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The Nissan Figaro is equipped with a cold start/idle valve which is located on the back of the intake manifold. It is designed to assist and regulate airflow when first starting your engine from cold by allowing the correct amount of air to be introduced during the combustion cylce to assist the engine in idling when it is at its least efficient. When the engine is cold, the oil is at its thickest, the bearings cause extra drag and through friction, the engine will require a little extra fuel and air to idle. Symptoms of this valve failing is the inability to start and maintain an idle when cold and have an irregular idle when warming the engine up.

These valves are a common failure due to age and are relatively simple to change. Retained on the intake manifold by 2 bolts, the Genuine Nissan cold idle valve is sealed with an “O” ring and will automatically work without any need for the vehicles ecu to self learn.

Benefits include:

  • Genuine Nissan part
  • Easy to diagnose and fit
  • Perfect cold start and regular idle

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