Nissan Figaro Distributor Cap & Rotor Arm




The 4 cylinder turbocharged MA10ET engine fitted to the Nissan Figaro is equipped with a distributor to send high voltage current to each spark plug via the ignition leads. The voltage is created by the ignition coil and is fed to the distributor cap. The rotor arm then spins and passes that current to each spark plug at the exact time to ensure the engine has the ability to ignite the air/fuel mix within the combustion chamber. Over time, the distributor cap and rotor arm will wear and cause poor running, misfiring and in the worst cases, will not start or be able to maintain idle.

Fitting these components is very easy and should be inspected and replaced when servicing the Nissan Figaro. These high quality components are a direct replacement for the originals and will ensure a great spark is created making the engine run smoothly. Both distributor cap and rotor arm are included

Benefits include:

  • High quality parts
  • Cost effective
  • OEM Equivalent
  • Direct replacements


Additional information

Weight 0.8 kg


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