Nissan Figaro Door Card Popper (Lock Side)



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The ivory interior of the Nissan Figaro is one of its most recognisable features and is designed to compliment the exterior of the vehicle perfectly. As the vehicle ages, it may be required to remove interior panels to perform maintenance and repairs to components within the ivory panels and one of the most common are the window motors and mechanisms. The door cards are retained to the door itself using 4 door card poppers/clips on the lock edge of the assembly and 7 door card clips (ivory screw type) across the base and up the hinge side. Due to their plastic material, the poppers can often break when being removed causing the door card to sag and become less secure to the door panel itself.

A simple product to install, the door card popper slide in to the door card itself and once fitted can be retained into the door with a simple push to fit. Please select the number of clips needed when ordering

Benefits include:

  • Easy to fit
  • Economical repair
  • Perfect fitment


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