Nissan Figaro ECU Temperature Sensor



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The Nissan Figaro uses a vast number of sensors to ensure its engine is running at its most efficient. As these sensors age, they begin to lose their degree of accuracy and can cause running issues. The ecu temperature sensor is a critical sensor and its failure can cause very poor running, overfuelling, an inability to maintain a stable idle and not being able to rev past 3000rpm.

The ecu temperature sensor relays information back to the vehicles ECU with coolant temperature data. The ecu will then adjust fuel, air and timing accordingly to ensure a good cold start and runing of the engine once the coolant has warmed up. When these sensors fail or become inaccurate, the information sent back to the ecu is incorrect and will cause the vehicle to overfuel, idle erratically and in some cases, not idle at all. This is a simple sensor to change and will make a noticeable difference to the efficiency of the engine.

Benefits Include:

  • Easy to change
  • Fixes major running issues
  • Easy to diagnose
  • High Quality Sensor
  • Great cold and warm idle


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