Nissan Figaro ECU - Used



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Despite its retro appearance, the Nissan Figaro is equipped with a turbocharged, 4 cylinder, fuel injected MA10ET engine which is electronically controlled. Unlike the Nissan Micra with its carburettor MA10 powerplant, the MA10ET engine was initially based on, the Nissan Figaro engine requires an ECU (Electronic Control Unit or Engine Control Unit) to operate the engine. The ECU is a small computer specifically designed to monitor engine parameters many times a second and output commands to sensors, modules, actuators and coils to allow the engine to run at its most efficient. The ECU is a complex system that is mounted on the passenger side of the cabin that can be susceptible to damp and can fail over time causing the engine to misfire, cause engine fault codes and in the worst cases, shut down the engine completely.

Due to our extensive inverntory of used parts, we are able to supply used and tested ECU’s at a fraction of the price of when they were new. The ECU is an easy module to replace and all stock items have been tested before removal to ensure functionality.

Benefits include:

  • Genuine Nissan Figaro Turbo ECU
  • Used / Tested
  • Economical repair



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