Nissan Figaro Engine Mount Front Stabiliser Bar - New



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The Nissan Figaro is equipped with 4 main engine mounts. One to the rear, one to the front and one either side to help support the engine and isolate vibrations. As the engine delivers its power through the gearbox to the wheels, load is placed upon the engine mounts to limit the engines’ movement whilst keeping vibration and sound to an absolute minimum.

The front stabilising engine mount is the one mount that works in tandem with the rear engine mount that isolates the highest load when accelerating and deccelerating. As the vehicle accelerates and deccelerates, the engine has a tendancy to try and lean backwwards towards the bulkhead and forwards towards the radiators respectively and this energy and load is isolated by the rear mount and front stabiliasing mount combined. The rubber isolator in the mount will evetually wear due to age and become inefficient in its ability to hold this energy allowing the engine to lean further back than intended and further forward when deccelerating and cause vibrations that can be felt in the cockpit.This engine mount is a genuine Nissan part so expect a perfect fit first time.

Benefits include:

  • Genuine Nissan part for a perfect fit
  • Isolates harsh noise and vibration
  • Smooth power transmission
  • Easy to fit

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