Nissan Figaro Exhaust Hanger Rubber



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The Nissan Figaros’ exhaust system is supported by a number of brackets which are in turn fitted to 4 rubber exhaust hangers connected to the vehicles underbody, The use of rubber allows the exhaust to move in a controlled manner under the vehicle to allow it to flex when needed to avoid it cracking, keep vibrations to a minimum and relieve stress on the critical components of the exhaust system.

As they are manufactured from a heat resistant rubber, the hangers can fail by cracking and splitting due to age and the vast number of heat cylces they have endured. They can also stretch and become too soft meaning they no longer support the weight of the exhaust evenly causing the exhaust to contact the underbody fo the vehicle and the tarmac of the road. The  exhaust rubbers are easy to replace by swapping the metal collars from the original worn rubbers to the new ones.
There are 4 in total on the vehicle, 2 for the rear box and 2 for the centre section.
The hanger rubbers are sold singularily and we recommend changing them in pairs for an even weight distribution.

Benefits include:

  • Economical repair
  • Minimises vibrations
  • Correctly supports the exhaust system



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