Nissan Figaro A/C Lower Mount With Idler - USED




The Nissan Figaro was equipped with an A/C system as a standard option when it was manufactured. Over the years, the A/C system may fail and many owners have removed the A/C pump and mounting with no intention of having it repaired or replaced. As the Nissan Figaro has started appreciating in price and becoming a cult classic, many new owners are now needing to reinstate the A/C  system back to its former glory

The A/C Compressor is mounted to the engine block using a cast lower A/C mounting bracket with idler wheel. The wheels can shatter over time and the brackets can break from accident damage. We cannot guarantee the condition of the bearing in the idler and always recommend fitting a new one available HERE

Benefits include:

  • Complete bracket assembly
  • Idler included
  • Direct replacement

Additional information

Weight 5 kg


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