Nissan Figaro Big End / Conrod Bearings – MA10ET





The Nissan Figaro is equipped with a 987cc turbocharged 4 cylinder MA10ET engine which was specifically designed for the Nissan Figaros’ chassis and gearbox. Over time, the engines can wear and require an engine rebuild and choosing the correct parts to ensure a reliable and accurate rebuild is paramount.

The Big end / Conrod bearings are designed to float on a thin film of oil and act like a bearing. Also known as shells, the 2 parts of the bearing per conrod come in various sizes depending on the condition and sizing of the crank shaft which the con rod is attached to. Measuring and polishing the journal to the correct size is of extreme importance to ensure a perfect gap is created to allow the bearing to run smoothly and not knock. Bearings which have failed will cause loud knocking from the bottom end and a very low oil pressure reading which will damage the crankshaft, con rods and eventually the complete engine.

We offer 3 different sizes of bearing. Standard, +0.25mm oversize and+0.5mm oversize. Please select from the drop down box the size that is best suited to your application

Benefits Include:

  • Parts that meed or exceed oem quality
  • 3 different size options

Additional information

Weight 0.50 kg

Standard Size, +0.25mm Oversize, +0.50mm Oversize


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