Nissan Figaro Chrome Strip Rubber Seal Profile Lower




The Nissan Figaro is equipped with stainless steel strips that enhance the appearance of its cult body shape along the length of both sides. These strips are finished with rubber seals/gaskets to not only protect the bodywork from damage from the hard stainless steel, but also as a finisher of the strips. The current dated seals will have hardened over the years as the oil within the rubber has disappeared causing the seal to harden to a plastic which in turn causes it to crack leaving a sharp and jagged trim

After almost a year of design, development and trials here at The Figaro Shop, we are proud to now be able to offer a solution for the common cracked seals/gaskets either side of the chrome strips that run the length of the Figaro. This all new self adhesive seal profile will finish the stainless steel trims back to their former glory. Our custom made seal profile will replace this completely with ease, create a soft seal between the bodywork and the trim ensuring that it will not only look as intended but also stop any damage to the paintwork of the vehicle.

This kit will include 7m of the seal profile allowing to replace both sides of the vehicle and includes an ample spare length just in case it is needed. This kit is designed for the Lower trims only;

lower trim of the door x2
lower trim of the rear 1/4 panel x2

This trim is proudly manufactured in the U.K and comes pre-fitted with a reinforced, strong and long lasting adhesive for ease of fitment.

We have put together a fitment guide which is available for download HERE

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