Nissan Figaro Red LED Upgrade Rear Foglight Conversion Bulb




Modernising your Nissan Figaro for safety and ease of use is a positive method in ensuring your cult classic car is even more enjoyable to drive. The lighting on the Nissan Figaro is an area that has always been a little lacking. Here at The FigaroShop we are always looking for ways to upgrade safety, reliability and modernise your Figaro and this new LED Foglight bulb is no exception. Constructed of boards of multiple super bright leds, no longer are you required to fit an ugly aftermarket foglamp unit hanging off your rear bumper or having to paint one of your reverse light lenses red. This all new ultra bright led bulb emits red, can be directly swapped out for the reverse light bulb and will use the existing aftermarket wiring/switch for your current foglight. This will keep you Figaro looking factory and the ultra bright led will ensure your vehicle is visible even in the worst conditions.

Benefits Include:

  • Direct Replacement
  • Far brighter light output
  • Easy to fit
  • Long lasting and reliable

For RHD countries, please fit into the right hand lens.

For LHD countries, please fit into the left hand lens

Complete foglight and reverse light upgrade kits are available HERE

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Weight 0.2 kg


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