Nissan Figaro Fleur de Lys Switch - Air Conditioning, Hazards, Aerial, Rear Window




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The Nissan Figaros’ ivory themed interior is retro by design and is blend of leather, vinyl, chrome and coloured plastics that all match perfectly with eachother. The switch gear that operates the A/C, Hazard lights, Electric Aerial and Rear window demister are designed to perfectly suit the dash facia but over time can fail causing the relevant system to become inoperative.

Here at The Figaro Shop, we have an extensive inventory of good used and tested parts ready for immediate dispatch. Please select the switch needed using the options in the drop down box. You will recieve your chosen switch, surround and lock nut. The chrome lever cannot be guranteed to be included as they are easily broken. Please do not purchase if you are requiring a level only.

Benefits Include:

  • Used/Tested
  • Cost effective
  • Direct replacement
  • Genuine Nissan Parts

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg

AC Switch, Hazard Switch, Rear De-mister Switch, Aerial Control Switch


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