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The Nissan Figaro is equipped with a 987cc fuel injected turbocharged MA10ET engine which is perfectly suited to the vehicle. As the engine is around 30 years old, wear and tear can have an adverse affect on the performance and reliability of the powerplant and these effects can sometimes cause catastrophic failures. This can be due to poor previous maintenance, overheating from a cooling system failure or just age.

At The Figaro Shop, we pride ourselves on having the ability to offer fully reconditioned engines using our vast specialised experience from our specially trained technicians to produce a rebuilt engine as reliable as when it was new. Our engines are rebuilt to the highest standard and accuracy using the best quality parts and come with a 6 month warranty against any manufacturing defects.

The reconditioned engines undergo a systematic strip down and rebuild that includes:

  • Full strip down to component parts and cleaned thoroughly to ensure no contaminants remain in the head and block
  • The head and block and checked, measured and skimmed to ensure they have perfectly flat mating surfaces
  • Cylinders are bored to 0.5mm oversize to accept all new specific oversize pistons for the correct operation of the engine
  • Crankshafts are checked and machined/polished to accept all new crank and conrod bearings
  • End float is checked
  • New oversize pistons and rings fitted
  • Oil sump cleaned, painted and sealed using genuine end gaskets
  • New headgasket, valves, valve stem oil seals and rocker retension kit fitted as standard
  • New water pump, tensioner bearing, cambelt, cam and crank seals fitted with timing set and valve clearances set to factory specifications
  • Oil filter and spark plugs included
  • Repainted valve cover and gaskets fitted
  • Come complete with gaskets needed to complete installation of intake, exhaust manifolds and main thermostat housing
  • 6 month warranty against manufacturing defects

The reconditioned engines are sold on an exchange basis. Customers unable to send back their core engine should contact us for instructions before purchasing at

Important Notes: Reconditioned engines, as per the photo Do Not Come with manifolds or any other ancillaries. You will need to use the items from your existing engine such as the manifolds, turbo, fuel rail, ring gear (flywheel), gearbox etc although we will supply you with new manifold gaskets to use when installing your engine. Reconditioned engines are supplied DRY without oil or water, they will include a new oil filter but will need filling with mineral oil first to help bedding in of new bearings and rings and then drained and re-filled with 10w40 oil. Instructions for the bedding in procedure and included with the reconditioned engine

Running In – Engine should be kept to lower rpm for the first 500miles, we recommend keeping it below 3500rpm for the first 250miles and below 4000rpm for the following 250miles. After run in period timing and valve clearances should be re-checked and adjusted to suit.

Shipping: We are able to ship our engines worldwide. Please contact us for a bespoke quotation if you are outside the mainland UK area

Warranty: Our 6 month warranty covers the parts only in this engine, if part of the engine fails we will need to have the engine returned to us for inspection prior to repair/replacement, repair bills from a 3rd party company will not be accepted. If failure is due to incorrect installation or maintenance of the engine we will charge for any parts or labour required.



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