Nissan Figaro Head Gasket Set



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The Nissan Figaro has been plagued with a poor and inadequate cooling system and over time, this can cause the engine to over heat and in turn cause the headgasket to fail. This main gasket is designed to cause a seal between the cylinder head and engine block and allows water, oil and combustion pressure to be retained in their own respective channels. When the headgasket fails, a breach is caused and one or more of these channels fail causing damage to the engine.

This can be diagnosed relatively easily using a tester for the coolant in the radiator, a custard like build up in the radiator or under the oil cap, over pressurising the coolant system and most obviously, lots of smoke and vapour from the exhaust system causing the engine to stop completely or run very poorly. Once diagnosed, the cyinder head has to be reomved, checked, skimmed to make a perfectly flat mating surface and only then can the headgasket kit be utilised. Using the highest quality headgasket set is paramount. These are the sets our highly skilled technicians use when rebuilding engines and repairing customers vehicles.

The headgasket set includes the following components:

1 x Head Gasket
1 x Inlet Manifold Gasket
1 x Exhaust Manifold Gasket
1 x Rocker Cover Gasket
8 x Valve stem Oil Seals
1 x Camshaft Seal
1 x Thermostat Housing Gasket
1x Front Cover Rubber

Benefits include:

  • High quality comprehensive set
  • Replaces breached headgasket

We also recommend investigating the reason the headgasket failed by checking all of the cooling system on the vehicle.
Please also check the condition of the head bolts as they are designed to stretch and will have to be replaced if needed.

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