Nissan Figaro Headbolt Set



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Like the majority of all engines, the cylinder head is a separate assembly to the engine block. Designed to house the intake and exhaust valves as well as a host of other rotating parts, the cylinder head is secured to the block by means of specialised bolts. These high tensile bolts have the job of securing the head to the block and are designed to withstand extreme pressures generated within the combustion chambers of the engine to stop the cylider head separating from the block causing catastrophic failure of the engine and its internal components.

The bolts are not a part that are likely to wear out. Once torqued to the correct specification, they will remain in situ for the majority of their lifespan. The bolts have a degree of stretch to them and can, if removed due to engine failure, over stretch rendering them inaccurate or snap due to the high forces placed on them for a long period of time. It is common practice when separating the cyilnder head from the block to check and renew the headbolts for a trouble free rebuild. We choose some of the highest quality hardware to ensure piece of mind, reliability and a perfect fit. The headbolts are specific to this engine and have 5 long and 5 short bolts like the genuine factory items.

NOTE: Tightening torques we advise customers to use when replacing head bolts are as follows:

1st stage 29 lb/ft

2nd Stage 47 lb/ft

There is no requirement to degree the tightening of the headbolts as per the Nissan Workshop Manual. These specifications are used by our highy skilled in house technicians when assembling engines.

Benefits include:

  • Correct bolts for the MA10ET engine
  • High quality
  • Perfect fitment
  • Ensure a trouble free lifetime

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