Nissan Figaro Heater Control Knob - New



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The Nissan Figaro has been equipped with a classic and retro ivory coloured interior with chrome detailing. The sweeping dashboard houses the heater control system with 4 levers for differnt settings and each leaver is finished with a matching ivory knob. Over time, the little intricate ivory knobs have the tendancy to to shrink and crack rendering them unable to retain themsleves on the heater control levers exposing the metal workings of the levers themsleves.

Available individually, the new genuine Nissan heater control knobs are a simple push-fit over the metal levers and refreshed the old cracked and damaged items. Simple to fit and completes the classic interior perfectly.

Benefits include:

  • Genuine Nissan Items for a perfect fit
  • Ivory coloured to match the dashboard
  • Simple to fit

Additional information

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