Nissan Figaro A/C Idler Pulley Bearing




The Nissan Figaro is equipped with an Air Conditioning system as a factory standard and is driven by a drive belt from the main auxillary pulley. In order to tension the drive belt correctly, the drive belt runs over an idler wheel which is adjustable in height to achieve the correct tension. This idler spins at the rate of the belt with the use of a central bearing which, over time, can wear out and corrode causing it to no longer spin freely and begin to make noises.

We are able to offer a cost effective solution by replacing the bearing itself instead of the whole pulley. The specially sized bearing is a direct replacement for the original and will ensure the pulley runs quietly and smoothly.

Benefits include:

  • Direct Replacement
  • Meets and exceeds oem quality
  • Economical repair


Additional information

Weight 0.3 kg


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