Nissan Figaro Interior Panel Ivory Spray Paint




The Nissan Figaro has an iconic ivory themed interior which is a perfect match for its pastel exterior shades. This ivory theme extends from the dash facia, to the upper and lower interior panels right the way to the seats with its contrasting accents. Over time, a very common issue on the ivory coloured plastic upper panels is for them to become tarnished, sticky and lose their ivory shade. The first port of call is to clean the plastics using a solution of warm water with soda crystals to break down the sticky layer to reveal the original colour below. If the panels, after this thorough cleaning, still appear tarnished or have started yellowing, then a fresh coat of paint is the easiest and most cost effective solution.

The interior ivory shade has been a very hard colour to match due to its varying fading over the years. After countless different formulations and through thorough testing and scanning using specific colour recognition hardware, we have achieved a perfect colour match of this shade when it was brand new. The paint comes in a 400ml aerosol for easy application and will give an instant refresh to the old and tired plastics. We recommend the use of a plastic primer available at most motorist discount centres before layering the paint in light and steady layers to achieve the perfect finish.

Please Note: Due to this paint being an aerosol and therefor compressed gas, we can only ship this item within the UK.

If outside the uk, we can supply the paint in small touch up pots available HERE and you may be able to have these compressed into an aerosol locally.

Benefits include:

  • Perfect match to new ivory plastics
  • Cost effective
  • Renew sticky and tired interior
  • 400ml aerosol for easy application

Additional information

Weight 1 kg


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