Nissan Figaro Lambda Sensor - Oxygen Sensor




The Nissan Figaro employs a host of sensors to ensure the engine is running at its very best both for performance and for the environment. Bolted to the housing of the turbocharger is the vehicles Lambda sensor (also known as an oxygen sensor). This sensor plays a vital role in the effiecient operation of the engine by relaying signals back to the vehicles ecu to inform it of the amount of oxygen in the spent exhaust gas. With this data, the ecu is able to make fine adjustments to the air/fuel mix and timing to ensure the engine is running at its most efficient. Over time and thousands of heat cycles, the sensors can begin to become inaccurate and ineffective in relaying the correct data back to the ecu and therefore cause the engine to run rich, uneconomically and sluggish.

Fitting a new lambda sensor is an easy task with the correct tools. Access to the sensor is easy as it is located at the top of the turbo and its 1 wire electrical connection can be joined in a matter of minutes. The ecu will then self learn after being driven ensuring the ecu is receiving the correct values for economical operation and environmentally friendly combustion.

Benefits include:

  • Direct fit and easy to wire
  • Promotes efficient operation of the engine
  • Promotes higher mpg
  • Critical in the operation of the engine
  • Cost effective

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg


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