Nissan Figaro Bumper Bolt - New



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The Nissan Figaro is equipped with high quality chrome bumpers from factory and these are bolted together using Genuine Nissan chrome plated bolts. Over time, the bumpers may corrode and require replacing and so do the bolts as they can become seized and break when unbolting the bumper sections.

These new Genuine Nissan bolts are the perfect replacement and are of the highest Japanese quality. The chrome finish matches the bumper sections seamlessly to give the Figaros’ bumpers the hardware needed to retain the bumpers to the vehicle.

The bumper bolts will also come with a flange nut included to make installation simple. There are 8 Bolts on the Front Bumper and 10 Bolts on the Rear bumper to complete a full refresh

The bolts are supplied singularly.

Benefits include:

  • Genuine Nissan Bumper Bolt for a perfect fit
  • Flange Nut Included
  • Perfect Match for the chrome bumpers
  • High Quality Japanese manufactured hardware

Additional information

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