New Figaro Bumper Bolt Set Front & Rear



These Figaro bolts will more than likely be needed when replacing a section of the bumper as the original ones will have seized in place and will be damaged on removal.

The bolts are a mix of genuine Nissan Japan and Figaro Shop Zinc Plated variants so are of the highest quality. They are also supplied with zinc plated nuts to suit.  There are 8 Bolts on the Front and 10 Bolts on the Rear of the Car. This kit will come with a total of 18 bolts and 18 nuts. 8 bolts are genuine Nissan and these are the visible bolts on the outsIde of the bumpers. The further 10 bolts are behind the bumpers and as such, are not visible when fitted. This bolt set nets a large saving.

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Weight 0.9 kg


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