Nissan Figaro New Leather Arm Rests



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The Nissan Figaro has been equipped with vinyl door card arm rests which over time can discolour and require painting. When trying to uplift the interior quality of the vehicle, leather covered arm rests are a great method to personalise the feel of the cockpit. As well as leather covered door cards, the arm rests can be colour coded to the piping of your seats or dash top to enhance the colour scheme further. Using the highest quality imported Italian leather, arm rests are not only softer and more ergonomic but add a level of luxury and comfort in comparison to the original vinyl items. The arm rests are also a great addition when trimming the door cards.

Benefits include:

  • High grade Italian Leather
  • Matches re-trimmed interior perfectly
  • Adds another level of quality and luxury to the interior of the vehicle

Additional information

Weight 3 kg


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