Nissan Figaro Luxury New Floor Mats - Black or Grey or Beige





The Nissan Figaro was equipped with 2 main choices of protective floor mat from factory; a grey or mid orange variant. Over the years, the protective floor mats have been subjected to a lot of use and have worn and started to lose their shape, their abaility to protect the carpet underneath, their ability to be cleaned back to their former glory and all this can let the interior aesthetics of the Figaro down.

We have been fortunate enough to be able to design all new replacements in collaboration a large automotive carpet manufacturer in the UK to be able to offer the highest quality protective mats in 3 colour variations. These mats have a mid cut pile, are easy to keep clean and have the custom figaro logo embroidered into them with a protective heel pad and tough binding around the perimiter of the mat. The mats have been patterned from the originals so fitment is perfect and are not universal. These are manufactured specifically for the Nissan Figaro

The all new mats are available in the following colours and you can make your selection using the drop down box when ordering.

  • Black / Charcoal
  • Beige
  • Grey

Benefits include:

  • 3 colour variants
  • New easy to clean protective mats
  • Patterned from original mats for a perfect fit
  • Protective heel pad for the driver
  • Custom Fugaro Logo embroidering
  • Tough binding to the outside
  • Eyelets for supports to keep them in place



Additional information

Weight 5.001 kg

Black / Charcoal, Beige, Grey


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