Nissan Figaro 6 in 1 E10 Fuel System Protection Solution


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The Nissan Figaro, produced in the early 1990’s, has gained a cult status with a worldwide following. This following has ensured that the Nissan Figaro has not only gained classic car status, but its popularity has ensured that most surviving models are being restored, cared for, and driven on the roads today. With this in mind, fuel technology in the 1990’s, which the Nissan Figaro was designed around, has vastly changed and the latest emissions saving additive in modern fuels can cause damage to the fuel system of the vehicle.

Over the years, as engine technology has improved, fuel technology has also improved to ensure that all engines not only reduce emissions as much as possible, but fuels assist in ensuring engines are kept as clean as possible from damaging carbon deposits making them not only more reliable, but more efficient. The latest additive to be added into pump fuel is the addition of a further 5% Ethanol. This is identified by E10 on the fuel pump. 10% Ethanol is perfectly safe to use in modern vehicles but in older cars, such as the Nissan Figaro, this higher content of Ethanol can cause damage to the rubber fuel parts in the fuel system such as fuel lines and injector seals and metal fuel tanks, injectors, and fuel pressure regulators.

The new 6 in 1 petrol solution, which has been in testing since 2018, has the ability to help reduce the corrosion caused by the higher ethanol content as well as lower emissions, enhance power and has been designed to keep every component carbon free e.g., the fuel injectors, inlet/exhaust valves and turbocharger. Just one bottle can be used for over 400 litres of fuel, with each 25ml ’shot’ from the easy-to-use bottle increasing power and acceleration, cleaning the engine system, lowering emissions and combating the corrosion effect from ethanol (E10) fuels. The 6-in-1 Solution is a fuel borne catalyst formulation that cleanses all of the fuel and emissions system which restores an engine to optimum performance.

One of the main problems which makes older and classic cars incompatible with E10 is corrosion. Ethanol is hygroscopic which means that it absorbs water in fuel storage tanks and from condensation which can then cause rusting in parts of the fuel system where the metallurgy is less resistant. Once oxidised, ethanol itself can become corrosive.

The new 6 in 1 Petrol Solution has been formulated with the new challenge of E10 in mind. It contains a corrosion inhibitor proven to work in petrol containing ethanol. The detergent additive system has been thoroughly tested in E10 petrol and is highly effective is removing deposits from fuel injectors and inlet valves.

Given that even standard unleaded petrol now contains up to 5% ethanol, the regular use of 6 in 1 Petrol Solution will help to protect all cars including those classified as incompatible with E10 Petrol.


Benefits Include:

  • Treats approx. 400ltrs of fuel.
  • Combats E10 Corrosion
  • Allows Classic Cars to use Normal Unleaded Fuel
  • Easy to use measured bottle.
  • Improves emissions, mpg and power.
  • Reduces harmful carbon/soot deposits.



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