Nissan Figaro Chrome Wheel Arch Trim Set



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When the Nissan Figaro was first released, it was fortunate enough to have a substantial accessories list which customers could select parts to be fitted to their new vehicle to make it more individual. These accessories are now becoming extremely rare as the years go on. One of the accessories was a wheel arch trim set that gave a nice chrome detail to all 4 arches. These original trims, over time, have suffered dents, scuffs and the chrome covering flaking making them look unsightly and rippled.

The replacement trims are a self adhesive chrome tape of the same profile that is easy to fit for a fraction of the price. The profile is almost identical and comes on a continuous roll that can be easily cut to length and affixed to the bodywork using the pre-fitted double sided tape. It is as easy as cleaning the bodywork using the supplied alcohol wipes, trimming to the desired length and sticking on to each individual arch in a matter of minutes. A great visual impact.

Benefits include:

  • Easy to fit
  • Self adhesive
  • Matches the original profile
  • Continuous roll
  • Covers all 4 arches



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