Nissan Figaro Door Catch Left / Right USED





The door strikers and door catches of the Nissan Figaro are an area which can suffer from wear and tear due to age. The latches/catches are subject to large forces from the door slamming that can cause damage to the internal latching mechanisms which in turn can cause them to seize.

Here at The Figaro Shop, we have good condition used and tested Nissan Figaro Door catches in stock. These door catches, located inside both drivers and passenger side doors, are common to fail resulting in the door not locking, not unlocking and not opening. The mechanism can bend / break internally. The units we have in stock are from working vehicles. Please select the side you need from the dropdown options.

Benefits Include:

  • Used/Tested
  • Genuine Nissan Parts
  • Cost effective










Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg

Left Hand / Near-side / Passengers, Right Hand / Off-side / Drivers


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