Nissan Figaro Engine Arch Shield Left / Right USED





The Nissan Figaros’ retro body shape allows the engine to be mounted low down in the engine bay and as such, the engine and gearbox are visible from the inner wheel arches. Due to debris, water, salt and grit found on the roads, Nissan have equipped the vehicle with engine arch shields to protect the fragile components from foreign debris.

Common to drop and rub against the tyre causing holes or cracking, our used stock has some great useable examples to get your figaro back to its fomer glory. Generic fixings can be used to secure them to the car if needed. The left shield protects the side of the gearbox and the right shield protects the drive belts

Please select the side(s) you require from the drop down box.

Benefits include:

  • Used genuine items
  • economical repair













Additional information

Weight 10 kg

Left Hand / Near-side / Passengers, Right Hand / Off-side / Drivers


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