Nissan Figaro New Luxury Carpet Sets





The carpet in the Nissan Figaro, due to age, will have more than likely started to show signs of wear and tear, staining and fading. This can have an impact to the look, feel and aesthetics of your interior. Refreshing the carpet with an all new set has never been easier with our new modular carpet sets. No longer do you need to try and re-dye your flat, worn and faded carpet only to find it has faded and worn again in the near future. The new replacements offer luxury without the hassle.

The new carpet sets, unlike the originals, are made up of multiple pieces joined under the seats and will require adhesive to fit. The sets are far more luxurious, come in a huge range of colours and are backed with a thick soundproofing underlay to iron out the lumps and bumps of the vehicles steel floorpan. We currently offer 3 different ranges of carpet all varying in quality and colour variations. Each level of carpet will have it’s own specific range of colours which can be viewed in the gallery images and will come with a diagramatical layout to assist in fitting.

The Blenheim:
A fully synthetic 100% polypropylene carpet set that boasts a deep pile, rot resitant latex backing which is easy to maintain

The Wessex:
An 80% wool and 20% Nylon range with a deep pile, thick underlay that is moth proof and highly luxurious

The Kensington:
An 80% wool and 20% nylon (like the Wessex) but boasts the most luxurious smooth cut and sheared pile backed with latex and offers the thickest available underlay of the 3 different ranges

We have done our best to indicate the colour shades in the gallery images,  however each screen you view the pictures on will slightly vary.

Carpets are all made to order. If you are unsure on colour that will best suit your application, please do not hesiate to get in touch and one of our experts will be able to assist you further. The new carpet sets are not identical colour matches for the original carpets and once produced we cannot exchange them due to incorrect colour choices.

All kits come ready backed with sound deadening and piped in a contrasting shade.

Benefits include:

  • Brand new and easy to fit
  • 3 different ranges
  • Huge range of colour variations
  • Long lasting and huge visual impact
  • Improve the interior feel and aesthetics of your Figaro


*All carpet sets are made to order / special order and as such are non returnable


Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Colour/Carpet Type

Blenheim Black PBKL, Blenheim Antique Red PARL, Blenheim Wedgwood Blue PWBL, Blenheim Champagne PCHL, Blenheim Autumn Leaf PALL, Blenheim Pine Green PPGL, Blenheim Claret PCLL, Blenheim Midnight Blue PMBL, Blenheim Ochre POCL, Blenheim Flint Grey PFGL, Wessex Black WBKL, Wessex Beige WBGL, Wessex Gold WGOL, Wessex Russet Brown WRBL, Wessex Grey WGWL, Wessex Red WRDL, Wessex Scarlet WSCL, Wessex Green WGNL, Wessex Blue WBLL, Wessex Britannia Blue WBRL, Kensington Black KBKL, Kensington Sapphire KSAL, Kensington Navy KNYL, Kensington Sage KSGL, Kensington Forest Green KFTL, Kensington Pewter KPWL, Kensington Ruby KRUL, Kensington Old English White KOEL, Kensington Caramel KCML, Kensington Wheat KWTL, Kensington Chestnut KCTL


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